Beverage Equipment / Bar Supplies

Beverage Equipment / Bar Supplies

Don’t let guests go thirsty. A well-stocked bar is essential for keeping customers happy. Get everything you need for ...
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Beverage Equipment / Bar Supplies

Don’t let guests go thirsty. A well-stocked bar is essential for keeping customers happy. Get everything you need for bar service and table service – from blenders, to pourers, to glass washers, and more. Save time and money with an organized, efficient bar.


An airpot keeps your coffee hot and fresh for hours. Perfect for catered events, diners, convenience stores, hotels, and more; stainless steel airpots are a staple of food service. For cold beverages, decanters and carafes are an elegant way to serve guests, or let them serve themselves. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these beverage servers are a welcome addition to any busy foodservice establishment.

Bar Caddys

Bar profits depend on how quickly bartenders can fill drink orders, and an organized bar is key. Bar Caddys allow for a large variety of garnishes to be close at hand. In sizes, color, and styles to suit any bar, you can find what you need to customize your bartender’s set up.

Bar Mats/Towels

Keep glassware clean, dry, and protected with countertop bar mats. Rubber bar mats cut down on cleaning time, and chipped glasses; they’re also great under beer taps.

Bar Shakers

Concoct spectacular drinks with cocktail shakers. From martinis to specialty cocktails, an attractive bar shaker can help a bartender enhance the experience for his customers by creating delicious drinks prepared with flair.

Bar Shelfliners

You know the importance of your glassware; protect it with a shelf liner. Available in rolls, and ready to be cut to size, plastic shelf liner is an easy, affordable way to keep your glasses protected while looking great.

Beer Tap Supplies

A well stocked bar includes essential Beer Tap equipment like taps, towers, handles, hoses, and brushes. Quality, well-maintained supplies will keep the beer flowing, and the pitchers full.

Beverage Dispensers

Easily serve cold drinks like juice, iced tea, or lemonade in a convenient non-insulated beverage dispenser. The attached spigot allows guest to serve themselves at a buffet or catered event, and the variety of colors and styles can add visual appeal. Insulated beverage dispensers are ideal keeping beverages cold for long periods at a time. Stainless steel or plastic; insulated, non-insulated, these beverage dispensers will hold your liquids just the way you need.


A Quality bar blender is an essential part of any bar or restaurant because it allows you to make popular drinks, like margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas. Offered in a range of horsepower and capacity, blenders are available at multiple price points for different applications. Choose from low-volume blenders designed to make several drinks per day, to high-volume blenders that can produce over one hundred beverages per day! Whether you run a busy bar or blend up smoothies only occasionally at your cafe, there is a bar blender for you. A commercial milkshake machine makes it a great addition to any foodservice establishment, allowing you to make malts, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and more.

Coffee Makers/Coffee Brewers

Choose from single brew, multi-brew, and auto-brew Coffee Machines. The right brewer allows you to keep up the demand in the office, cafeteria, restaurant, or any other place a where people love coffee. Automatic Coffee Makers hook directly to a water line and eliminate the need to fill the machine with water, making it easy to keep fresh coffee brewing all day. A single brewer is perfect for small spaces with limited service, while a mult-brew station allows for different coffee flavors, decaf & regular, or simply an ample supply of hot delicious coffee to be available.

Drip Trays

Drip trays protect work surfaces and beverage displays from stains and mess. Stainless steel drip trays are durable and have a professional look, while plastic drips trays are convenient and easy to clean. For buffets, bars, coffee stations, self-serve drinks, etc., drip trays help to maintain a clean attractive beverage station.

Glass Rimmers

For margaritas, daiquiris, and specialty cocktails a Glass Rimmer it a must at the bar. Easily add sugar or salt to the rim of a glass using a simple glass rimmer. These units accommodate standard sized margarita and martini glasses and come in a variety of styles to fit your bar needs.


Designed to fit in a sink bowl, bar glass washers allow bar tenders to quickly and easily keep a supply of clean glassware on hand. Available in manual and motorized models, for a bit more power, these washers have powerful brush heads that thoroughly clean individual glasses to a spotless finish. For higher volume bars, a commercial glass washer may be called for. Designed for small loads of delicate glassware, these washers quickly get bar glasses clean and sanitized. These machines are easy to operate and available in under-counter models to save valuable bar space. A bar glass washer keeps glasses spotless and the drinks flowing.

Portable Bars

Take Wine, Cocktails, and Mixed Drinks to Your Next Event with a Portable Bar Easily take drink service anywhere with a portable bar. Whether inside at a corporate dinner, wedding reception, or holiday gathering; or outside at a golf tournament, group luncheon, or summer beach bash, a portable bar is the perfect way to provide drink service wherever guests gather. These bars are convenient and come complete with speed rails, ice bins, prep space, storage, and attractive finishes.


Essential for keeping bar costs in check, a quality bottle pourer makes drink preparation more efficient. Choose either collared or non-collared; metal or plastic; and various colors for at-a-glance identification, pourers keep liquor service clean and profitable.

Speed Rails

Keep the most commonly used liquors at your fingertips with convenient bar speed rails. Available in sizes and styles to fit any bar, speed rails keep bars organized and allow bar tenders to quickly find what they need to service customers in a timely fashion.

Water Filters

Clean water is key in maintain great tasting coffee, ice and soda. Installing a quality filtrations system isn’t enough, water filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain clean safe water. We have great prices on quality filters and systems to keep your foodservice operation at peak.