Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Top quality commercial cooking equipment is the key to the success of any kitchen. We can help you succeed with a wide s...
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Cooking Equipment

Top quality commercial cooking equipment is the key to the success of any kitchen. We can help you succeed with a wide selection of the best equipment


Broilers are a useful tool in any commercial kitchen. Salamanders provide even, consistent cooking of a variety of foods; while cheese melters are perfect for putting the finishing touches on a dish. As the popularity of Mediterranean food grows, so does the use of vertical broilers for lamb and other meats.

Char Broilers

Meat, vegetables, fruit, and even bread get that smokey grilled flavor when you use a charbroiler. Available in gas or electric and in a range of sizes, any kitchen can benefit from adding a charbroiler (or two) to the line.

Combination Ovens

Chefs love a combi oven because it gives them flexibility in their cooking. By adjusting the speed, temperature, and humidity of the oven, they can perfectly perpare almost any food. For ease, quality, and consistency, a combi oven is the answer.


For water and gas hook ups, a quality connector is essential. Get the best and keep your kitchen running smoothly and safely.

Convection Ovens

Commercial Convection Ovens deliver consistent cooking and time savings by circulating hot air on all sides of the food. Available in gas or electric; in countertop sizes, single unit, or double deck models, these ovens are ideal for restaurants, bakeries, and country clubs.

Conveyor/Impinger Ovens

Bake pizza and pastry, toast sandwiches, cook wings, shrimp, au gratin potatoes and much more with an impinger oven. Available is lots of sizes, these units work great in busy but small kitchens. They are even stackable so you can have more than one without using any more counter space.

Countertop Ovens

Fryer Oil Filtration

A quality Fryer Oil Filtration Unit will remove food particles and sediment from the fryer oil. Keeping your oil cleaner will lenghten the life of the oil and improve flavor.

Fryers, Countertop/Floor

Serve delicious, crispy foods with a commercial deep fryer. Choose from a variety of sizes and features, in either countertop or floor model. Whatever your space, there is a gas or electric fryer that is right for your needs.


Perfect for cooking eggs, pancakes, bacon, burgers, and more, Counterop Griddles are available in Gas or Electric models, and can be used alone or as part of a cook line. They are easy to you and easy to clean, which is why you'll find them in most kitchens.


Hot Food Tables

Whether in self-service applications like buffets or back-of-house, a hot bar is a great way to keep food warm until serving. Food pans are placed over a heated water well, creating steam to maintain food temperature. Gas and electric models are offered, in a wide variety of sizes.


After the soup is made, hold it at the perfect temperature all day in a quality kettle. Busy establishments can serve diners quickly and easily when tasty soups and stews are ready to dish out. Steamers are an efficient way to cook a variety of foods quickly, while maintaining nutrition and color.

Portable Food Bars

Available in an array of colors and sizes, a portable salad bar can enhance food presentation in restaurants, bars, schools, cafeterias, and catered events. Heavy duty casters make it easy to move, and accessories make it customizable for your specific needs.


A commercial range is a core piece of equipment that many restaurants cannot do without. Ranges are used to cook, grill, broil or perform many other cooking tasks that your kitchen requires. Various sizes and top configurations are available to suit a restaurant’s specific needs.