The right storage equipment and work stations will keep food safe and secure. From stainless steel worktables and securi...
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The right storage equipment and work stations will keep food safe and secure. From stainless steel worktables and security shelving, to ingredient bins and holding cabinets, racks and carts, be sure to equip your kitchen with everything you need.

Bun Pans/Prep Racks

Bun Pans and Racks keep food accessible, safe, and mobile. Hold dozens of pans, and easily move food from the oven to the walk-in.

Can Racks

Save time and money by keeping canned goods safe, accessible, and organized with a convenient can rack. A chaotic pantry can cause wasted time as staff searches for what they need, it can also lead to food waste if cans are damaged. Keep your kitchen tidy with a stationary, mobile, or countertop can rack.

Crisper/Ingredient Bins

For storing bulk dry goods like rice, flour, and sugar, an ingredient bin is the ideal solution. Smaller bins can be placed on prep tables or undershelves, while larger bins with caster can easily be moved to where they are needed. Clear lids help you identify contents, and don't forget to scoop for sanitary portioning.

Dunnage Racks

Keep stored bulk foods safely off the floor with a space saving dunnage rack. Whether in the walk-in, pantry, or kitchen, a dunnage rack helps foods stay dry and safe. Choose stationary or mobile racks, with wire shelves, aluminum or plastic.

Food Pan Carriers

Caterers rely on quality insulated and heated food pan carriers. Designed with thick walls and latching doors to hold food temperatures and reduce heat loss during transit. You'll have complete confidence in your food service whether you need a small unit that can be carried, or a larger one with casters.

Mobile Ice Bins

Safely and easily transport hundreds of pounds of ice with a mobile ice bin. Serve cold drinks anywhere with a convenient reliable portable ice bin. Perfect for outdoor events, these units feature thick insulation and durable construction, to keep ice cold for hours, and last for years.

Proofing/Holding Cabinets

Proofing Cabinets provide the appropriate heat and humidity required for dough to properly rise before baking. Available with full doors or split doors, dual-access, insulated, clear doors, and independent heat and humidity controls. Many models can operate as both a holding cabinet and proofing cabinet. Any kitchen making pastry, fresh buns, and artisan breads will be able to find the right unit to fit their needs.

Security Units

Protect valuable items from loss or theft with a reliable security unit. Wire cabinets are available with locking doors, casters, and shelving options. These durable security units come in a variety of configurations and finishes, so you can get just what you need.

Shelving/Shelving Systems

Create a complete organizational system with the right combination of shelving options to maximize space and efficiency. Choose from solid shelves for heavy dry goods, or wire shelving for damp environments. Wire shelves and post are available with epoxy coating, and the latest plastic shelves are designed to be as strong as wire shelving and easy to clean. Whether in the pantry of the walk-in, there is a shelving system for every application.

Tray Storage

Tray stands are available in a variety of styles to compliment any restaurant d├ęcor. Provide servers with quality tray stands to ensure proper delivery of food, and convenient removal of dishes.

Utility Carts

Whether Plastic or Stainless Steel, a utility cart makes it easy to transport items in a busy kitchen or grocery store. Available with 2 or 3 shelves, these units are ideal for hauling bus boxes, cleaning supplies, or service ware.