Whether practical or decorative, or both, Tabletop accessories provide visual appeal to your table presentations. From m...
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Whether practical or decorative, or both, Tabletop accessories provide visual appeal to your table presentations. From menu and check covers, to food baskets and condiment holders, these tabletop essentials offer another opportunity to improve the dining experience.


Reduce litter in outdoor dining spaces, and keep cigarette disposal convenient for your customers with plastic ashtrays. Available in several colors and sizes to work in a variety of environments, and blend with any décor or theme. These ashtrays are affordable, practical, and easy to clean.


Serve almost any menu item in a stylish food serving basket. Whether it’s fish and chips in a red plastic basket, crispy french fries in a wire cone basket, or artisan breads in a chic metal basket, these food serving baskets will compliment your décor as well as your food. From the bagel shop, to the office break room, to an elegant party buffet, baskets provide a simple, attractive way to display a variety of menu items.


Candles are that extra-special touch that increases visual appeal in the dining room. Set the mood with a simple modern table light, a romantic candle and holder, or a dramatic array of candles that make a statement. Choose from taper candles, votives, oil lamps, lamps with globes/shades, tea lights, and flameless candles.

Condiment Caddies

In casual and/or fast-paced restaurants, condiments on the table not only make service easier, it also gives diners choices at their fingertips. Choose from a small salt/pepper holder, to a large wire rack to hold a menu as well as several sauces and spices. Keep tabletops organized and clean when you have attractive condiment racks stocked with anything diners might need to enjoy their meal.


Present and Dispense Oil & Vinegar in stylish Cruets. Attractive enough to be used in your dining rooms, cruet sets make it easy to supply individual diners with the oil & vinegar they request. Available in several artistic shapes, these glass bottles feature stainless steel pourers on the top for easy dispensing.


Serve water, beer, tea, or juice in a convenient pitcher. Choose from clear or amber shatter-resistant plastic. Designed with a sturdy handle, in small and large size, these pitchers help servers to quickly refill customer beverages, or leave the pitcher at the table for customer self-service. These pitchers are also ideal for serving juice and soft drinks at a buffet beverage station. For a little added flair, a carafe can be an elegant way to present juice as well as wine.

Dispensers/Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles aren't just for the kitchen anymore. Colorful, easy to use squeeze bottles give customers and easy way to dispense condiments like ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce. Set them together in a self-service area, or place them on tabletops for ultimate convenience. For hot or thick liquids, a syrup pourer can get the job done.

Melamine/Polycarbonite Dinnerware

Plastic dinnerware provides a plethora of patterns, shapes, and styles. You can opt for all the pieces in a single collection or mix and match pieces to create a unique presentation. A durable alternative to china, melamine tableware is resistant to shattering and breaking, making it an ideal option for any outdoor restaurant or dining establishment. Whether you’re looking for tableware or displayware for the buffet, melamine fits the bill.

Menu Covers/Table Tents

Whether a single menu card or a multi-page menu book, the right menu cover can make a big impact. Choose from tall and slender for wine and cocktail menus, oversized menu boards for fine dining menus that change daily, pocket size covers for dessert menus, and many more options. From clear plastic covers for casual dining, to high-end bound leather menu covers, we’ve got what you need.

Plastic Drinkware

From soft drinks and milkshakes, to cocktails and beer, plastic drinkware is an ideal alternative to the expense of glassware loss due to breakage and theft. In outdoor environments, or those catering to children breakage is of primary concern and plastic drinkware eliminates that worry. Many pieces of plastic drinkware actually look a lot like traditional glasses, but are less likely to break, making them perfect for college bars and beach bars. Available in plenty of festive colors, and durable enough to last for years, there’s nowhere these pieces can’t go.

Salt/Pepper Mills - Salt & Pepper Shakers

Most sit-down restaurants give their guests the option of seasoning their own food by providing tabletop salt and pepper shakers. Choose from economic plastic, classic glass, or popular grinders. For the epitome of service, wait-staff can offer guests fresh ground pepper from one of our eye-catching designs.


In Italian restaurants, pizza parlors, and sandwich shops cheese shakers are a given. Provide guests an convenient way to season their pasta, pizza, sandwich, soup, and more with an attractive cheese/spice shaker. Available with glass or plastic bodies, these shakers feature a perforated, stainless steel, screw top for easy filling and dispensing. Stainless steel dredge/shakers are perfect for finishing dishes before they leave the kitchen. A little spice on top of savory soups or pasta dishes, or perhaps a little powdered sugar on French toast at breakfast. Select the size and style that works best for your needs.

Sugar Pourers

Save time and money by providing bulk sugar to guests in easy-dispensing sugar pourers. Perfect for diners, coffee shops, cafeterias, and office break rooms, these sugar dispensers have twist off caps for easy refills. Eliminate the mess of empty sugar packets with a convenient sugar pourer.